Grace Capital Partners is the Swiss independent multi-family office which represents the reference point for families, private clients and companies with important assets.

Our goal is to optimize and coordinate the financial management and organization of assets internationally.

Our strategies are highly customized in all areas, in order to provide the best response to every specific need.

Our services are designed to best meet the needs of all our Customers with a highly independent, concrete and operational approach.

Our Team is composed of highly qualified and multidisciplinary professionals, able to provide services in all areas of intervention.


responds with competence and professionalism to:

Family requirements Personal requirements Company requirements

Grace Capital Partners is affiliated as a financial intermediary to the “Organismo di Autodisciplina dei Fiduciari del Cantone Ticino” (Swiss Ticino Self-Regulatory Body of Trustees)

“Price is what you pay, value is what you get”

Warren Buffett